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Fall 2020

Fall 2020 Digital Newsletter – weblink

  • Annual Meeting – October 3, 2020
  • VSED: Expanding Choice
  • Dementia Facts
  • Letter from Judy Kinney, Executive Director
  • New staff introductions
  • Volunteer Client Advisor June Diary
  • EOLWA Advocacy Updates
  • Equity and Inclusion Working Group 
  • Bereavement Support Groups beginning this fall
  • 2019-2020 Annual Report now available


Issue 26, Spring 2020

Judy Kinney chosen to fill her ‘dream job’
New additions will propel our growth
Joan’s simple message: ‘Farewell with gratitude’
Planning under the specter of COVID

Issue 25, Fall 2019

A guiding principle: ‘We are there when you need us’
Interim executive director steers steady course to stability
New hires keep EOLWA running smoothly
A wild media ride with ‘Uncle Bob’
EOLWA grows along with aid-in-dying law

Issue 24, Spring 2019

“EOLWA undergoes major change, remains focused on clients and core mission”
“Death with Dignity dynamo determined to make law available to everyone”
Book review: “Let’s Talk About Death” by Michael Hebb
“Patient protection bill stalls; other key issues win approval”
“Thank you for my mother’s dignified death”

Issue 23, Fall 2018

Join us at the 2018 Annual Meeting!
“Two Generations of devotion to Death With Dignity” – Mary Watson and Chris Fruitrich, by Chris Fruitrich
“The EOLWA Wonderfile – Plan now…die later…do a lot of living in between”
Message from our new Board President – “Dr. Terry Law’s three fundamental goals for EOLWA”
“Pressing lawmakers for DWD information access” by Nancy Sapiro
“Remembering those who got us here” by Sally McLaughlin

Issue 22, Spring 2018

“A Word from the Executive Director: Busy statewide agenda focuses on training both in-house and real-world” by Sally McLaughlin
“Skilled End of Life Washington staff is focused on a single mission of helping clients as they face difficult decisions”
“Remarkable array of unique personalities crisscross the state for EOLWA” Gretchen DeRoche and Hollis Giammatteo profiled.
“EOLWA earns national reputation for advance planning” by Robb Miller

Issue 21, Fall 2017

Please Join Us at the Annual Meeting
“New Board Chair Has End of Life Experience in WA and CA” by Jordan Posamentier, Esq.
“Death and Dying Makes for an Enlightening Read” by Sally McLaughlin
“Most Recent Attempt to Weaken Death with Dignity Law Scuttled in Legislature” by Nancy Sapiro

Issue 20, Spring 2017

“Positive Energy Keeps Driving EOLWA Forward” by Sally McLaughlin
“A Call to Question Trump’s Nominee” Seattle Times Letter to the Editor by Bob Free
“Death with Dignity: EOLWA Opposes Proposed Change” – testimony by Arline Hinckley
“Nurturing Our Doctors” by Dr. Dwight Moore
In Memoriam: Joanne Brekke
“We Persevere on Behalf of Our Clients” by Dr. Terry Law

Issue 19, Summer 2016

End of Life Washington Newsletter for Summer 2016
Change and Progress Are the Key Words as EOLWA Moves Forward
Perry’s Story by Judith Gordon
Memorial and Honorary Gifts List

Issue 18, Fall 2015

Welcome to End of Life Washington (EOLWA)
2014 Facts about EOLWA EOLWA Creates Vital Access to Death with Dignity

Issue 17, Summer 2013

C&C Connection Newsletter for Summer 2013, Issue 17
Hospital Mergers * Alzheimer’s Advance Directive * Annual Meeting Announcement * In memory of Booth and Blair

Issue 16, Winter 2012

C&C Connection Newsletter for Winter 2012, Issue 16
Hospital Alliances * Alzheimer’s Advance Directive * Surgery and Advance Directives

Issue 15, Summer 2011

C&C Connection Newsletter for Summer 2011, Issue 15
Bishops Attack Patient Autonomy * Living Will Shut Down * Designated Funeral Agent

Issue 14, Winter 2011

C&C Connection Newsletter for Winter 2011, Issue 14
Medicaid Hospice Benefit * Health Care Decisions IQ Test * Essay Contest

Issue 13, Summer 2010

C&C Connection Newsletter for Summer 2010, Issue 13
Catholic Directive * Hospice and DWD * Advance Planning Research

Issue 12, Spring 2010

C&C Connection Newsletter for Spring 2010, Issue 12
Year One * Letter to My Physician * Lobbyist Update

Issue 11, Fall 2009

C&C Connection Newsletter for Fall 2009, Issue 11
Dept. of Health Statistics * Academic Research * Advance Directives Compared

Issue 10, Spring 2009

C&C Connection Newsletter for Spring 2009, Issue 10
How We Won * Living Will Registry * Why I Volunteer