Fall, for me, is a time of reflection – the days shorten, the temperatures cool, and I find myself experiencing more gratitude. As this new season approaches, I am deeply grateful for the community of our End of Life Washington supporters, our strong staff, our amazing volunteers, and my fellow board members.

The work done by EOLWA is ever more critical, with increased access to Medical Aid-in-Dying (MAiD) resulting in a growing number of clients. No other organization in Washington provides the direct services, education, and advocacy that we provide. While this increased demand presents challenges, there is no shortage of capable and dedicated people within this community who come together each and every day to carry out EOLWA’s mission. I am particularly optimistic when I see the growth in our Aid-In-Dying Provider Network, our Volunteer Client Advisers, and the broadening of our reach across the entire State of Washington. These are incredibly important pillars to ensure our mission is fulfilled.

Your belief in and support of our mission serves not just current clients but those who will seek our support in the years ahead.

With Gratitude –

Teresa Chiftis
President, Board of Directors



End of Life Washington (EOLWA) has seen tremendous growth in requests for information and support for medical aid-in-dying from Washingtonians in the last 12 months. It’s clear that this is an important human right that matters to us.

Nearly 30 years ago, a group of committed and passionate volunteers launched the effort to legalize medical aid-in-dying. Theirs are the shoulders on which we stand today with legal rights and a robust organization supporting people navigating this important life choice.

EOLWA is committed for the long haul. Just as our founders and dedicated supporters who have kept this organization growing and meeting ever-changing needs paid it forward with their hard work and financial contributions, so too do we pay it forward for those who will be calling us next year, in five years, and in 15 years.

Thank you for your commitment to EOLWA and for supporting everyone’s right to choose a death with dignity. Future clients and future generations will look back on this community with gratitude for our hard work and financial contributions. Please join me in making sure that End of Life Washington sustains for all who wish to choose a death with dignity.

Rebecca Lane
Interim Executive Director