What We Do

We can help you

If you or someone you know needs information and support, End of Life Washington can help.

We can offer:

  • Talking to your loved ones about dying.
  • Making decisions about what you want at the end of life.
  • Talking to your physician about hospice, palliative care, and pain management.
  • Finding hospice providers.
  • Understanding all options to achieve a peaceful death including Washington’s Death with Dignity Act.

Overview of what End of Life WA can do for you

End of Life Washington is a statewide organization that supports people preparing for their final days. We advocate for the right to a peaceful death. There is never a fee for our services.

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The Washington Death With Dignity Act

The act allows terminally ill adults to request a prescription for life-ending medication from physicians. Patients must be Washington State residents, have less than six months to live, be capable of making an informed decision, and have the ability to self-administer the prescribed medication.

We can offer:

  • Information and guidance through the process.
  • Help with talking to your doctors about Death with Dignity.
  • Assistance locating participating physicians and pharmacists for clients.
  • Personal support and presence at the time of using the Death with Dignity Act.

Thank You.

“Thank you for everything you did. The support and information you provided was invaluable. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”