Death With Dignity Act (DWD) for Medical Providers

We Support Death With Dignity

End of Life Washington provides information about, and support for, the Washington Death with Dignity Act (DWDA) to patients, physicians, and other medical providers. End of Life Washington volunteer medical directors are available to answer physicians’ questions and provide consultation.

Join Our Provider Network

The Provider Network is a non-public community site facilitated by End of Life Washington designed for professionals supporting Death with Dignity. Through this site you can stay informed about changes in prescription protocols, pharmacies, facilities and policies. You can also connect directly with other Providers who are doing this important work. Click on this link and provide your professional information. There are no regular mailings, no subscription list, and it is fast and easy.

 Physicians Packets

Our physician packet includes a detailed guide to the process, all applicable Department of Health reporting forms, and – for Attending (prescribing) Physicians – a compliance checklist and protocol for prescribing and obtaining medications.

Attending Physicians Packet

Thank you for participating as an Attending (prescribing) Physician under the Washington Death with Dignity Act.

This packet includes

  • Attending Physician’s Guide to the Washington Death with Dignity Act, which provides detailed
    information about the physician’s role in the law.
  • Life-Ending Medication Prescription Options
  • Patient’s Request For Medication To End My Life Form
  • Important Information About Using Death with Dignity
  • Attending Physician’s Department of Health reporting forms

Version 4.11.22

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Information for Medical Providers

Request a physician packet to be mailed, emailed or faxed to you by calling 206.256.1636, 1.877.222.2816 toll-free, or email

Primer for Download

Physician Assisted Dying in Washington State: A primer for participating physicians

Physician Assisted Dying or Physician Aid-in-Dying (PAD) is now legal in six states and the District of Columbia. Though patients have been using the Death with Dignity laws since 1998, very little information is published for physicians, pharmacists, and patients who are trying to learn more about actual requirements, protocols, or patient instructions. Past and present drug regimens and current practice recommendations are discussed.  Updated 2022

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Options for Clients who cannot swallow

The American Clinicians Academy on Medical Aid in Dying has resources for non-oral administration through feeding tubes, rectal administration, and ostomies. 

Updated 10-21-22

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Request Support

We recommend that every patient who is considering using the DWDA be referred to End of Life Washington to ensure that the patient has ongoing support throughout the process. This includes the presence – if requested – of a Volunteer Client Advisor at the time of death to ensure the medical protocol is followed and to provide reassurance and emotional support to those who are present. For physicians whose patients are enrolled in our Client Support Program, End of Life Washington can help coordinate the DWDA process, assist with finding a second participating physician, and provide the information necessary to complete the Attending (prescribing) Physician’s After Death Reporting Form.

Request Death With Dignity Support

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Additional Physician and Health Care Provider Guides

Attending (prescribing) Physician’s Guide to the Death with Dignity Act

This guide briefly explains the steps any physician needs to take to become a patient’s Attending (prescribing) Physician for the purposes of Washington’s Death with Dignity Act (DWDA), and to ensure compliance with the law. *The downloadable version of this Guide does not include the protocol for prescribing medication.

Download the pdf

WSPA Guidelines

for Mental Health Professionals

Death with Dignity Act guidelines for mental health professionals

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Recommendations for Nurses, Social Workers, and Others

Although social workers, nurses, and others have no legal role in the Washington Death with Dignity Act (DWDA) process, they may still play a crucial role. Explaining the details of the DWDA often falls to the support staff. It is important that patients are fully educated and their needs are being met. Updated 1/10/20

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"Request for Medication" Form, with Instructions

If you have questions or if you would like assistance completing this form, contact End of Life


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Language Matters

This document explains why the term, “physician-assisted suicide” is inaccurate when talking about the Death with Dignity Act. The correct term to use is “aid in dying”.

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Pharmacist's Guide to Death with Dignity Act

A brief guide for pharmacists on how to dispense the life-ending medication and counsel patients on how to use it.

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