End of Life Washington GEMs

Join a group of dedicated supporters, Giving Every Month (GEMs), helping to ensure that our end-of-life choices are supported and protected throughout Washington state.  It takes extraordinary and well-trained people to be present and to guide clients and their loved ones through the aid-in-dying process. As more and more people reach out to End of Life Washington for support accessing aid-in-dying, we need more people helping however they can.

Your impact is more significant and felt throughout the year by giving monthly.

Why Monthly Giving?

Monthly giving is an easy and convenient way to give. By setting up your monthly gift today, you are setting up your charitable giving for the year – no further action is required. You can cancel or adjust your giving at any time, with no reason required.

Contact us at (206)256-1636 or email info@endoflifewa.org to make changes to your monthly gift.

Join the GEMs through Workplace Giving

Many companies allow employees to contribute to charities directly from their paychecks, saving you a step and often extending the impact of your gift through employee matches. A few companies that provide workplace giving are Boeing, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Costco. Contact your employer’s HR or payroll department to find out if your employer offers workplace giving.

All donations are 100% tax-deductible.