Voluntary Stopping Eating and Drinking (VSED)

Voluntary Stopping Eating and Drinking (VSED) is:

  • An effective way to hasten death by fasting from food and water.
  • Voluntary choice by person with decisional capacity.
  • Deliberately chosen because of present or imminent suffering.

End of Life Washington will continue to support clients choosing VSED and will be working toward improved and expanded education, support and advocacy on VSED in the coming year.

Support & Services

Our Client Support Services can help you:
  • Consider all end-of-life options. 
  • Talk to your family, health care providers, and friends about end-of-life choices and VSED 
  • Connect with hospices, death doulas, physicians, and caregivers who support VSED   
  • Assist in helping create VSED plan with individualized markers   

Request client support services for VSED:
Client Support Services form

More information:
Practical Guide to VSED – download pdf

Advocacy & Public Policy

End of Life Washington is pursuing legislation in 2021 to support end-of-life options for all Washingtonians, including establishing a person’s right to decline oral food and water during the final stages of dementia, by advance directive, the same way other terminally ill people can decline life-sustaining medical treatments.  

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Practical Guide to VSED

Download our Practical Guide to VSED - includes additional information and FAQs, Caregiver Advice and Managing Symptoms Suggestions, Sample Letter to Physician, statement, My Decision to Voluntarily Stop Eating and Drinking Statement

Download Practical Guide to VSED (pdf)

End of Life Washington provides advice and support to people considering all end-of-life decisions, including Death with Dignity. For more information about any of these end-of-life options and to request our free client support services, contact End of Life Washington – info@endoflifewa.org or 206.256.1636.

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