Dementia Directives

Living with Dementia Mental Health Advance Directive & My Instructions for Oral Feeding and Drinking

About Our Dementia Directive

Lisa Brodoff, Esq

Lisa Brodoff, Esq

This first-of-its-kind advance planning document allows people coping with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia to document their wishes about the inevitable challenges related to living with these illnesses. Even if this directive is not legal where you live, you can still use it to document your wishes and provide a guide for your family, health care providers, long-term care providers, and others.

Our directive is the culmination of more than a year of work by Seattle University Clinical Law Professor Lisa Brodoff, Esq, and End of Life Washington’s former Executive Director, Robb Miller. Reviewers included our Advisory Committee members, Elder Law Attorney, Christopher Henderson, Esq, Geriatric Social Worker, Carin Mack, ACSW, and individual, family, and group therapy provider, Jane Tornatore, PhD, LMFT.

This Advance Directive is endorsed by the Western and Central Washington State Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.

Please Note:

Completing this document with the help of professionals, such as a mental health professional, geriatric care manager, and/or an elder law attorney, is highly recommended. This directive is also available by mail.

Instructions and Mental Health Advance Directive for Living with Dementia.

The instructions contained in this document will enable you to complete and implement the Living With Dementia Mental Health Advance Directive (referred to from now on as “Directive”). Because this document offers you the option of permanently giving away your rights to make certain decisions, it is very important that you read and fully understand these instructions and the entire Directive before you complete and sign the Directive.

Updated 1-15-2020

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Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia: Maintaining Dignity and Control of the End of Life

This basic handout offers advice about Alzheimer’s, the concept of allowing a natural death, and the benefits of hospice care. For more information: Alzheimer’s Association – Washington State Chapter
Updated 1-10-2020

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My Instructions for Oral Feeding and Drinking

Instructions and an Advance Directive form protecting against attempts to give you food and water if progressive dementia such as Alzheimer's cause you to lose the ability to feed yourself, interest in food or water, or the ability to eat or drink without aspirating food and water into your lungs.  This document does not apply to people with dementia who still get hungry and thirsty and want to eat and drink.

Updated 10-5-2020

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