By EOLWA staff

The arrival of spring and the warmer weather brought along a foursome of new faces to End of Life Washington, including a new board member and three new staff members.

Dr. Sunil Aggarwal will join the End of Life Washington Board of Directors in June for a three-year term, Lashanna Williams joined the staff as Client Services Manager, Laura Lucas became Administrative and Provider Coordinator, and Sebastian Moraga became EOLWA’s first-ever Communications Manager.

“This growth is being driven by two new initiatives, the Care Continuation Project and the End of Life Ready campaign, and our commitment to increasing awareness and access to end of life choices,” said Judy Kinney, Executive Director of EOLWA, in a statement.

While Williams will work from South Park in south Seattle, Moraga will work from Cashmere, one hour northeast of Ellensburg, or two hours east of Everett. 

Lucas will work from Rensselaer, N.Y., just across the Hudson River from the state capital of Albany, and about three hours north of New York City.

“Improving our reach and relevance in Eastern Washington and with people and communities of color will be an ongoing priority.”

Kinney then continued by saying, “We are honored that Sebastian, Lashanna, and Laura have joined our staff team, and that Sunil is joining the board of directors,”. Kinney said.

She did not anticipate any further hires for the staff at End of Life Washington in the near future, she added.

Below, you might find four quick glances at the new people joining End of Life Washington: A warm welcome to all!

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