Not every case ends in someone’s death. In fact, a majority of our clients never use the Death with Dignity law.

A long-term Client Adviser helped bring peace to one such young man who lived in another state but wanted to come to Washington to use the law. He had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, had rented an apartment in Seattle, and was researching flights to the Northwest.

He intended to rush to see doctors, get his medication and end his life before the disease became debilitating.

Over the course of about 3 months, he and our Client Adviser had many long conversations about his fears and doubts about his plan. He kept asking how to get used to the idea that he was dying.  The Client Adviser recommended several books about death and dying, several of which he read and talked about.

Gradually he began to realize that a person can live while they are dying.  He sought support from family and returned to a long time hobby which gave him great pleasure.  In the end he did not use the law. He told our Client Adviser he had decided to stop worrying about how he would die and, instead, set about to enjoy what life he had left.