A strong, independent woman suffering with terminal cancer and her favorite niece found themselves in an emotional conflict as the aunt approached her Death with Dignity decision.

The aunt was not going to be deterred from taking her life-ending medication while the niece found it difficult to agree with her aunt’s choice, based on her own personal beliefs.

Our Client Adviser helped facilitate discussions between the two. In the last few days her communications with her niece and her husband grew in frequency as they moved toward fully embracing the client’s wishes.

On the aunt’s final day, her niece was at her bedside and held her hand as she slid into unconsciousness and beyond.

As her aunt’s life ebbed, the niece told our Client Adviser that being able to be present at the death offered her great comfort. Then she shared that years earlier she and her husband had lost a 3-year-old daughter who died in a hospital out of her mother’s reach.

“This moment has helped mend an old wound,” she told our Client Adviser.