Along those same lines, a Client Adviser was assigned to a couple who wanted to rush and get the Death with Dignity medication as soon as possible.

When he met with them he asked which of them had a terminal disease. They looked at him and then at each other and admitted, “Nobody.”

When he asked why they thought they needed the medication they explained that they hated the medical system, and so if one of them were injured or very sick, they wanted to take the meds before doctors took over and forced them to prolong their lives.

At that point the Client Adviser produced a copy of End of Life Washington’s Advance Directives for Health Care, and told them that if they made their desires known and engaged a health care power of attorney, no one could force unwanted medical care on them.

Their sense of relief filled the room like a tsunami. They remain alive and happy to this day.

End-of-life planning is a big piece of our mission.