Death with Dignity Act:

Faced with terminal diagnosis, Washingtonians have a right to a full range of options for care at the end-of-life, including medical-aid-in-dying. Medical aid in dying allows terminally ill adults to get a prescription they can take to end their life peacefully; on their terms. The Death with Dignity Act allows terminally ill, mentally capable Washington residents to access medical-aid-in-dying and was approved by Washington voters in 2008 and took effect in 2009.

Since the Death with Dignity Act took effect in 2009, we now know that there are significant barriers for patients to qualify for and use the law. SB 5179/HB 1281 addresses these barriers. 

SB 5179/HB 1281 Overview:

Washington helped lead the way nationally by passing the Death with Dignity Act in 2009, and now it’s time to act again to remove barriers to end needless suffering and ensure every Washingtonian is empowered to choose end-of-life care that reflects their values, priorities, and beliefs.


How you can help:

Sharing your personal stories and commitment to expanding end-of-life choices, such as medical aid-in-dying, encourages our legislators to pass these important updates to our Death with Dignity law.