“Carol was great; she was so understanding, helpful, and informative. She sat and talked with my mom and me about my mom’s wishes to not suffer and to be in control.”

– Aunt B’s Daughter.    

“What I enjoy most about working with clients is giving them and their families information and reassurance while bringing them peace and relieving their fear and anxiety.” ~ Carol

 As one of the few volunteers in Eastern Washington, Carol volunteers as both an EOLWA Volunteer Client Advisor (VCA) and consulting physician (CP) since just before the COVID-19 lockdown. While working with Aunt B, Carol drove 200 miles round trip because there was no one closer to help.  

 “Throughout my career as a physician, I emphasized that knowledge and information are the paths to having options and making meaningful choices when faced with difficult life-and-death decisions.” – Carol 

When Carol started working with Dan and his aunt and cousin, she became inspired by the spirit and determination of Aunt B. Carol loved that Aunt B’s best friend was her horse Oakey Boy who had been with her for over 18 years, and Aunt B planned to have him and her family by her side when she passed.    

 Carol can have a conversation with a client that everyone else is avoiding. She talks about end-of-life and dying in a way that makes someone feel seen, informed, and cared for. She eases clients’ and family members’ fears around dying.”– Cassandra Sutherland, Support Services Manager 

Volunteers like Carol are crucial to making informed end-of-life choices and helping clients feel supported and confident throughout their final days, including being present on the day of death. When Aunt B passed, her daughter sent over a photo of their farm; her horse was galloping in the pasture, and a giant rainbow had covered the property, letting everyone know she was at peace.   


*We believe that dying and end-of-life choices are normal and should be a part of everyday conversations. Still, these topics can spark strong opposition from many. For this reason, names in this week’s story have been changed to protect their privacy. 


Read Aunt B’s full story here.


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