Important Steps to Protect Your End of Life Choice

Review End of Life Choices in Washington State

Take the time to learn what legal options are accessible to you if you become ill and want to die on your terms.  You can find information about Palliative and Hospice Care, Death with Dignity (Medical Aid in Dying), Voluntary Stopping Eating and Drinking (VSED)and others here. Learn more at


Discuss your End of Life Wishes with Your Doctor

Talk to your doctor about your end of life choices to ensure that they can and will support you.  Some physicians and health care institutions are not permitted to support Medical Aid in Dying or VSED due to their ethical and religious directives.  You’ll want to choose a doctor that can act on and honor your wishes.

Create an Advance Directive (Living Will)

If you cannot speak for yourself, completing an Advance Directive helps protects your rights.  This is a legal document that gives direction to medical professionals as to what treatment you do or don’t want and assigns a health care agent to make decision on your behalf.

Attend a Free Advance Planning Session to Learn More About How to Protect Your Choice

Attend a free 60-minute presentation, hosted by representatives from End of Life Washington to learn about your end of life choices in Washington State and the documents you can prepare in advance to protect your rights and your choice to die on your terms.  You can register for these bi-monthly sessions at