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End of Life Washington
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Virginia Mason Medical Center

Seattle, King County
Owned by: Virginia Mason Health System

Virginia Mason Medical Center does not participate directly in the Washington Death with Dignity Act, but allows physicians to participate at designated outpatient clinics.

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If you want more information about the Death with Dignity Act, contact your physician and End of Life Washington.

Virginia Mason Medical Center's Policies on Death with Dignity

1. Allows doctors and other health care providers to talk with patients about treatment options under the Washington Death with Dignity Act. Yes

Health care providers may discuss the Death with Dignity Act with patients during their stay at the hospital and in the health system's outpatient/long-term care settings.

2. Ensures that patients who request assistance with Washington's Death with Dignity Act are referred to a supportive organization or provider. Unclear

The policy does not address direct referrals.

3. Allows doctors to participate in Death with Dignity in its hospital. No

The policy prohibits participation in the hospital setting.

4. Allows doctors to participate in Death with Dignity in clinics and other facilities it owns or operates. Yes

In settings outside the hospital, doctors may perform the duties of an attending physician, consulting physician, provide counseling, and may prescribe Death with Dignity medication as directed by the Act.

5. Allows its pharmacy to fill prescriptions for Death with Dignity medication. No
6. Allows patients to ingest Death with Dignity medication during their hospital stay. No

Patients may not self-administer the medications while in the in-patient setting.

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