End of Life Washington Educational Presentations

End of Life Washington provides free presentations on end-of-life options including Advance End-of-Life Planning, Death with Dignity, and Voluntary Stopping Eating and Drinking (VSED).

End of Life Ready: An Intro to Advance Planning and your End-of-Life Options

Join us for a 60-minute Zoom presentation and question and answer period that will show you how to plan ahead for end-of-life. We will review how to prepare and complete an Advance Directive, how to choose a Health Care Agent if you can’t speak for yourself, and what choices are legal and accessible to die on your terms in Washington State. After attending this session, we hope you’ll feel more comfortable talking to the people you trust with your care about your end-of-life wishes. Conversations that will help them know how to honor your values.

For the General Public

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August 21st, 6:30-7:30pm

For Organizations and Groups

To schedule a group presentation of End of Life Ready, in person or over Zoom, please contact our Community Outreach Coordinator, presentations@endoflifewa.org or use the presentation request form.

Materials Referenced During this Presentation:

  1. Values Worksheet
  2. Healthcare Directive & Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare (Healthcare Agent)
  3. Dementia Directives
  4. Death With Dignity Checklist
  5. Death With Dignity Resources
  6. Information on Voluntary Stopping Eating and Drinking (VSED)
  7. Talking with Your Doctor

Click here to access our printable End of Life Ready Made Easy – Checklist and Resources.

Click here to access a printable version of the slides used during the presentation.

Our Goal:

End of Life Ready presentations are part of an outreach campaign focused on educating the public on the choices available to have autonomy over their death and their right to die with dignity.  Our goal is to reach a quarter of a million Washington residents in five years.  You can help us achieve this!

Additional End of Life Washington

Presentation Topics and Focus Areas

End of Life Washington provides presentations for health care professionals, hospice staff and providers, undergraduate and graduate students (including medical, nursing, social work and other healthcare provider programs), caregivers, and support groups.   Presentations can be customized to fit your group’s needs and are suitable for the general public and community groups. 

Areas of focus can be related to the topics below and/or paired with partner organizations on leaving your legacy for loved ones, financial and legal planning, etc.

  • Washington’s Death with Dignity Law: How to access Medical Aid in Dying in Washington
  • Voluntary Stopping Eating and Drinking (VSED): A peaceful end-of-life option
  • Advance Planning: Choosing a Health Care Agent and Advance Directives for Health Care
  • Ensuring Medical Interventions follow your wishes and values
  • How to talk to your health care provider about end-of-life treatment preferences and concerns
  • Film screening and Q&A/Discussion – How to Die in Oregon, Speaking of Dying, Bob’s Choice
  • Advocacy for improving Death with Dignity and Advance Directives in Washington
  • Your rights at the end-of-life: Stopping Treatment, Death with Dignity and other options