End of Life Washington Staff

Joan Eads

Interim Executive Director

Joan is a private, independent consultant who has worked with nonprofits for the past 20 years, including founding a national nonprofit. Joan has served as an interim executive director with various nonprofits over the past ten years.

Joan is an advocate of servant leadership and promotes the building of community by helping re-found and start new community organizations, providing technical assistance to struggling nonprofits, providing fundraising assistance, leadership development and team building. She also has designed and applied organizational assessments of structures and culture for strengthening individual nonprofit organizations.

Joan holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration and is certified through the Interim Executive Academy. 

Linda Estes

Community Engagement Coordinator

Linda Estes (Community Engagement Coordinator) has spent a lifetime figuring out how to do things. In her career as an educator, she traveled to Australia and figured out how to teach teenagers to sail, kayak and live outdoors. She had one week to figure out how to do that herself. She then figured out how to teach math to middle schoolers who were 2nd language learners and disadvantaged by poverty.

In 2009, she became a member of the staff of 6 people who were starting the first STEM school in the Tri-Cities and figured out not only a brand-new math curriculum but everything else that needed to be done to start a “think outside the box” school. Linda resigned in 2015, just in time to help her dad through his final illness and decision to use the Death with Dignity Act. Since then, she’s been figuring out how to bring more and better access to the law in her part of the state.

Linda is thrilled to join the staff of End of Life WA to bring her “figuring out” skills to bear on getting the word out about EOLWA to people across the whole state.

Sally Thomae

Client Support Coordinator

Sally Thomae (Client Support Coordinator) is originally from Wisconsin where she earned both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from UW-Milwaukee. Prior to graduate school she worked as a lab assistant, a medical assistant, and a pharmaceutical sales rep. She earned her MSW specifically with intent to work with people around end-of-life issues. Sally worked with Hospice in both Wisconsin and California, and also spent a year with Golden State Organ Donor Services in Sacramento. In 2009 she completed a course of study at the Center for Loss in Ft. Collins, Colorado, earning a Certificate in Death Studies.

Since moving to Seattle in 2009 Sally dove head first into a midlife crisis and explored several other areas including animal welfare, a short, ill-fated partnership in a wine shop, and a return to school to study skin care. She has been self-employed as an Aesthetician for the past 4 years. Sally is thrilled to be returning to the work that truly speaks to her heart and soul.

Kathleen D’Amelio

Office Manager

“I work at End of Life Washington (EOLWA) because I believe in our statement “My life, My choice, My death.”

When a person calls End of Life Choices Washington, it is often a very emotional and vulnerable time. The caller deserves an empathetic, attentive listener who will deliver the tools they need, and the support to implement the tools, while making them feel cradled in care.

“Being able to provide any peace of mind to potential clients is extremely rewarding to me.”


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